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Why Tiger Nuts?

Why choose to eat Tiger Nuts?

The name sounds extremely weird.

They are a root vegetable? You put it into a butter form?!

Why on earth are tiger nuts and tiger nut products worth the cost?

Let me tell you.


  • First lets clear up the name of this root vegetable real quick. The superfood has a tiger striped exterior, and tastes like a nut, hence Tiger Nut!
  • Now lets dive into the health benefits! Tiger nuts are great for digestive health and are very high in prebiotic fiber (stimulates the growth of the good guys in your microbiome!). Prebiotic fiber is a resistant starch that also helps to decrease blood sugar spikes. AKA you won't be ravenous an hour after! Our Tiger Butter has 6 grams of prebiotic fiber for 2 tablespoons!
  • One serving of tiger nuts (about 50 tiger nuts) is packed with vitamins and minerals. To give you an idea of how satisfying tiger nuts are, lets take a look at some nutrition facts. One serving is 120 calories and has 10 grams of fiber. One serving of almonds is 23 nuts, which contains 163 calories and 3.5 grams of fiber. 
  • So are there any negatives to tiger nuts? Like any food there is usually a negative! Whole tiger nuts are a bit chewy... if you have TMJ like me stay far away from chewing these guys. Want to use them in a recipe? You'll have to soak them for 24+ hours. Whole tiger nuts can also cause bloating in people with digestive issues. 
  • Why am I telling you the negatives? Tiger nuts are one of the most beneficial foods, but for me I can't have them whole or they will hurt my jaw and make me super bloated! That's why I love using Tiger Butter! It's so much easier on my stomach and I don't have to make my jaw suffer. 
  • Tiger nuts are a great addition to your lifestyle! My top three favorite ways to incorporate tiger nuts into my week are using Tiger Butter in my smoothies/oatmeal or baked in my favorite banana bread recipe, baking with tiger nut flour, and using Spera Foods Pancake Mix (well my fiancé technically uses this because he makes them, haha!)


I love tiger nuts, and I hope you do too! I hope this was helpful information for all of you wondering... why tiger nuts!?

Stay safe & Be Well


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