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What are tiger nuts?

Tiger nuts are not nuts! They are actually a root vegetable from Africa that is rich in prebiotic fiber and micronutrients.


Are your products Gluten-Free, Seed-Free, and Nut-Free?

Yes! Our products do not contain gluten, seeds, or nuts.  


Do I have to refrigerate Tiger Butter?

Yes! Since there are no preservatives used, it is necessary to refrigerate Tiger Butter after opening. Use within 90 days. Unopened, sealed jars will last 3 months until they need to be refrigerated (we are currently working on extending this to at least 6 months!)


Are your products Organic and Non-GMO?

Since we are a small business we are not yet organic and non-GMO certified, however we use high quality ingredients that are not genetically modified. Our Tiger Nuts are organic.


How should I eat Tiger Butter?

You can enjoy Tiger Butter just as you would enjoy any nut butter. In smoothies, on toast, with fruit, or grab a spoon and enjoy straight out of the jar!


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